MOCAD Fall Winter 2021 Exhibitions
The following series of exhibitions are on display at the Museum of Contemporary Art Detroit. 

As the CEC (Curatorial and Exhibitions Coordinator) It was my job to manage installation and timeline along side the Curatorial team and the Director of Exhibitions. Many of the pieces and installations had to be fabricated and installed by contractors and myself.
NOVEMBER 5, 2021 – JANUARY 30, 2022
Take Root is a visual celebration of the ways that Black women have created networks with each other in beloved community, family, and siblinghood. Created as a site-specific installation, Take Root presents elements of Copenhagen-based artist Jeanette Ehlers’ practice that honor Black Womanhood through a global lens. This exhibition includes Ehlers’ 2021 film, We’re Magic. We’re Real., an allegory of Black Girl Magic told through language and performance.

This exhibition was pretty straight forward to install with the exception of one element. Shown above is the main piece being projected onto the wall of the Dark Room. We installed the projector, audio mixer, and speakers within the space to complete this installation of the piece. We also masked off the area for the screen and blacked out the wall surrounding it to crop out the projection exactly.
"Secret Pathways to Freedom" by Halima Cassells and Jeannette Ehlers
The one piece that was a bit more involved was the Hair installation. The goal was to hang the braided hair in a row, so when installed it looked as if the hair was growing out of the wall itself. To do this I designed a bracket for the hair to be connected to, then mounted directly to the drywall in the space. With some minor advisory from the Director of Exhibition, we were able to safely install the work that ended up weighing approximately 40lbs+ ​​​​​​​
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