In the series “OFF BLK” Dino "Edeth" Valdez skillfully slashes bold streaks of black, red and gold on wooden boards to create dynamic forms that seem to sprint across his canvas. Simple yet powerful, each drawn stroke carries twice its weight in momentum. Dino attributes his eye for motion and color to comics, animation, calligraphy, and most significantly his mother, who’s abstract practice influenced him at an early age.

“I'm taking inspiration from my mothers work, from her color choices to her spontanious approach in her process” Dino says, paying homage to her through emulating her techniques and style, even confining himself to a limited color palette based on her previous work. He builds on her influence, adding to the equation techniques informed from his career as a graffiti artist.
“I’m using colors I’ve seen her use, but it’s my influence of my experience draws the line allowing me to carve out my own identity while honoring hers.”
“OFF BLK” Also explores the idea of self-worth and how it is defined. To do this, Dino wants buyers to “name their own price.”

"How does one quantify the value of the soul?"
OFF–BLK// 2017
Work created by Dino [Edeth] Valdez
Photos provided by Kevin Zhu

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