Red Bull Artist Residency Summer 2019
Artists: Kearra Amaya Gopee, Pamela Council, and Claire Lachow
Many of the works featured in this exhibition were created with in-house assistance. Much of which was fabricated by hand, commissioned out and fabricated for many of these site specific works.

My responsibilities as Exhibition Manager was to install the work, hire and work with contractors to fabricate certain pieces, and in some cases, assist in the creation of the work itself.
Pamela Council
"BLAXIDERMY Pink" By Pamela Council 2019
This body of work by Pamela Counsel required quite a bit of problem solving to install. Each of the Pedestals had to be fabricated to specific detentions in order to hold the Fountains which varied in size. 

The fountains then had to be loaded with a specific pink lotion as directed by the artist. Due to force of the fountain, and the Pleasure toys floating above the works, the fluid would spill out of the fountain as intended by the artist. 

Over the course of the exhibition, each fountain had to be refilled in order to maintain the desired aesthetic of the artist. This would have to happen once or twice a week.
All of power cords were hidden by drilling holes into the top of the pedestals and routing them beneath the carpet to a power source.
Each fountain Featured a Spinning Oral Sex Toy suspended from the ceiling by fishing wire which I drilled directly into the concrete. The Toys would swing and move as they licked the Lotion from the Fountain.

The batteries for these Toys had to be replaced once every 2-3 weeks as they are on for the entirety of the 2.5 month long exhibition.
The rope work was installed by attaching the ends of the "Cats Cradle" to a set of small hockey sticks. The Hockey sticks were inserted directly into the wall and secured from the other side.
Claire Lachow
"rosebud (CMYK)" UV print on clear acrylic Each approx. 8" x 4" x 4” by Claire Lachow

These small sculptures were set on 4 light boxes which we had fabricated in house, contracted by our local carpenter. With assistance, I installed the LEDs and gaffed the power cords as cleanly as possible. 

We also installed the shelf to the left which held the additional print media "Flat World" designed by Red Bull Arts Director Matt Eaton, for Claire Lachow
(Left) "False Fruit" By Claire Lachow
(Right) "Mani Fold", "Hand Veins" and "Perennial Feeling" By Claire Lachow
the Kerneloops are 3D animations displayed on LED Holofans. All three pieces were installed on a wall in the gallery space, giving the effect of floating images in a dimly lit room
Kearra Amaya Gopee
"TUTORIALS ON RADIANCE" (2018-ONGOING) By Kearra Amaya Gopee
This collection of photos taken by Gopee were enlarged, and printed directly onto steel panels. The mounting hardware was a mix of wall mounting tabs to support the bottom of the work, and a wall mounted magnet holding the work at the top.

We forced the steel to rust by applying a mixture of vinegar and salt with a spray bottle. Applying and drying over the course of about a week allowed the work to rust at a controlled rate. It is the artists intention for the work to degrade with age, knowing that at some point the images themselves will wither away.

Please see a detailed description of the work on Kearra Amaya Gopee's work here​​​​​​​
"How to Break a Horizon" - Kearra Amaya Gopee
The stair case was contracted out to a local fabricator, then assembled by our installation team on site. Once assembled, we tied the leafy vines to the gated sides with twine. The leaves died and fell to the ground as time passed throughout the exhibition.

The second element to this piece is a video displayed on both the interior of the staircase for accessibility, as well as projected onto the ceiling for those willing to climb to the top of the steps.
How to Break a Horizon: a memory as retold by the sum of its residue (2019) is part of an installation that considers queer Caribbean futurity for its diaspora in the face of impending ecological and social collapse.
We mounted the screen to a panel hidden on the inside of the staircase, media players and power strips also hidden in the bottom right. The projector was mounted facing upwards so the video landed on the ceiling. 
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